Why do we support the Barnett Shale?

Because the Barnett Shale supports our communities, Texas, and America. CLEAN Resources is a group of concerned Texans who represent the more than 100,000 jobs in the Barnett Shale. We got together because we're tired of a handful of people coming in to our cities and towns and distorting the facts about shale gas development, and we think it's about time somebody started telling the truth about all the good it does for our communities, our state, and our country. So here's the truth: Natural gas is clean burning - reduced greenhouse gases, less pollutants, and less emissions. That's just a fact. Natural gas from the Barnett shale has a huge impact on the economy of our region and our state. We're talking jobs, small businesses, banks, taxes, wages, all of that. The anti-Barnett crowd either doesn't see that or doesn't care, but this is our life and the good of our families we're talking about. The Barnett Shale makes us more secure because the more natural gas we get from there, the less oil we've got to import. Drilling in the Barnett Shale is safe and protects the environment. It's funny that you got these people running around talking about air and water pollution, when the truth is, there's not a shred of evidence to support any of that. Our mission is simple: We want to tell the other side of the story, and we're going to do that, and we're going to do it every day. So keep coming back, and we'll keep giving you the facts that nobody else is talking about.

True Colors

In the public debate over America’s energy future, environmental activists have long claimed that their extreme positions are simply a reflection of the best available science on energy issues. 

This cloak of legitimacy is unraveling as these activists are repeatedly shown to be anti-fossil fuel zealots who are willing to say anything to promote their cause. Simon Lomax of Breaking Energy cast a harsh light on this phenomenon earlier this week in a blog post that explores the abuse and misuse of science by anti-shale energy advocates.

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Boosting the Middle Class

The Wall Street Journal featured a fascinating article this week about 24-year-old welder Justin Friend of Bryan, Texas. The story of Friend’s success is a testament to the power of the shale revolution and should also be a sharp rebuttal to anyone who thinks that there is no future for Americans working in skilled trades and manufacturing.

According to the article, Friend "attended Texas State Technical College in Waco, and received a two-year degree in welding." This led him to a full time position as a welder for "Acute Technological Services, a Houston-based unit of Oil States International, Inc." In 2013, Friend earned $130,000 in this position, and by "2014 (his) income rose to about $140,000."

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Making Resolutions

Happy New Years from CLEAN Resources! Hopefully you have enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with friends and loved ones.

As 2015 begins, Americans are engaged in the annual ritual of making resolutions for the new year. Might we suggest including an energy related resolution on your list?

In recent years, the debate over our energy future in Texas, and beyond, has been dominated by extreme voices with ideological goals that are not related to the facts and science of energy policy matters. Therefore, the public discussion would improve if everyone agreed to approach energy issues in 2015 with an open mind and devotion to getting the facts from credible sources.

An op-ed in The Bryan-College Station Eagle by Texas A&M professor Dan Hill offers some useful perspective for consuming news on shale energy topics. Professor Hill, who serves as the Noble Chair of the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University, urges the public "to be savvy consumers of information and to keep an eye out for claims masquerading as ‘science,' which have been widely discredited by scientists and experts."

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