Have a Better Life with Natural Gas

The Barnett Shale Puts People To Work, Food On Our Table, And More Revenues Into Our Communities

All these folks who want to shut down drilling in the Barnett – and rob America of a clean, green, secure energy option – are forgetting something.

They are forgetting that the Barnett is helping grow our businesses, put our citizens to work, feed our families, and make sure our local governments have the money they need to provide services like fire and police protection.

So it is making America stronger and more energy independent – and it’s making our communities, and our lives, even better.

  • The Barnett creates jobs. Studies show that by 2015, the Barnett Shale will be responsible for more than 108,000 jobs.
  • The Barnett increases personal income. The Barnett Shale in some way accounts for jobs in about 40 different kinds of businesses, and generates over $8 billion in personal income – roughly 8 percent of all the personal income in North Texas.
  • The Barnett helps fund local services. The natural has industry has generated over $238 million for local communities in the past two years. That’s money that goes for parks, hospitals, policemen, firefighters, and infrastructure. With our cities and towns in a bad budget crunch, we have to ask: Can we really do without that revenue?
  • The Barnett funds schools. In 2008 and 2009, the Fort Worth, Mansfield, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw, Arlington, Burleson, Crowley, and Carroll ISDs got almost $84 million in income from the Barnett Shale.
  • The Barnett pays a ton of taxes to Texas. Our state gets $715 million in direct and indirect taxes from activities in the Barnett Shale.
  • The Barnett makes our great state even greater. Statewide, the Barnett has an economic impact of an estimated $1 billion per year. And according to a study by the highly respected Perryman Group, “Assuming a modest recovery occurs as anticipated over the next few years, the aggregate benefits over the 2001-2015 period will exceed $100 billion in output and 1 million person-years of employment.”

That all paints a clear picture of what the Barnett means to North Texas and to the entire state. And it paints just as clear a picture – and not a pretty one – of what’ll happen if the activists cripple Barnett activity:

Job losses, revenue shortfalls, reduced services, businesses closing.

Now, the activists may not care about those things. But we do.

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