Different Uniform, But Still Serving

The shale revolution has energy production surging across the United States, and there is a race for top talent to fill jobs at all levels. As energy companies search for workers, more and more companies are tapping in to the "large pool of talented (veterans) with invaluable experience and diverse backgrounds."

feature article on the website Rigzone highlighted the success that employers are having with veterans. David Coe, Vice President of Strategic Programs for "military veteran search firm" Orion International, spoke to the unique compatibility of veterans for these positions. Coe noted that “each calendar year, about 180,000 to 200,000 people leave active military service in the United States and transition out into the civilian workforce" and "there is a real diversity of talent from the various branches of the Armed Forces to choose from.” 
Coe explained that "a large number of energy companies" attend their "regional hiring conferences several times a year" in order to "meet with about 100 pre-screened and selected military service members who are about to transition out of the military" at each conference. 
The demand for these veterans is understandable, according to Steve Casanave from Orion International. Casanave told Rigzone that "the very nature of military service makes the oil and gas industry ideal for former military service personnel." He explained that "military veterans can also have a more diverse background than most non-veterans, having had opportunities to work in different areas and around people from other parts of the country – or even around the globe. And that background makes veterans more adaptable, and has provided them with more experience being part of a team." 
Veterans who end up in the energy industry receive good wages and have the chance to build lucrative careers, but pay is not the only reason that veterans are attracted to the industry. Jobs related to American energy production allow veterans to continue doing what they do best - protecting and strengthening the United States. 
According to Foreign Affairs magazine, the shale revolution means that our country is "poised to become an energy superpower." America "surpassed Russia as the world’s leading energy producer, and by next year, according to projections by the International Energy Agency, it will overtake Saudi Arabia as the top producer of crude oil." 
This "has wide-reaching geopolitical consequences...diminishing the geopolitical leverage that some energy suppliers have wielded for decades." The "newly unlocked energy is set to boost the U.S. economy and grant (the United States) newfound leverage around the world" at a time when international affairs are startlingly dangerous and complex. 
Veterans understand the world at large and value of promoting American security and independence. Their work in the energy sector will allow them to continue this service, just in a different uniform. 

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