Environmentalist Favors Fracking


As one who favors fracking, I am sad to note unfortunate misuse of terms in media. Most important is “environmentalist” in reference to people who oppose industry and capitalism.

When we limit the term to extremists we give that side extraordinary media power. Honestly! You have never met a sentient adult who was not an environmentalist. We all care. Failing to use the term correctly opens us up to claims that we are not environmentalists and that we are therefore “anti-environment” and “anti-science”.

Just as we win life’s battles with hard work and integrity, we lose those same battles with poor use of language.

All information held by environmental activists comes from empirical work in the sciences. Said in another way, everything known about oil comes from working with oil. Whether you are the driver who delivers hardware or the geologist who runs a cautiously growing corporation, you are at the heart of environmental knowledge.

Education and credentials are not required of environmentalists. Anti-fracking activists tend to lack the meaningful educations that oil people own. The Helena newspaper recently touted the anti-fracking expertise of an environmentalist who bragged on a Masters Degree and a professorship in, get this, the very distant field of Political Science. He was the best they could offer but we failed to call ourselves environmentalists and thereby lost that battle. Oil people are environmentalists. Many have multiple doctorates. Oil folks know their stuff. Stand up as an environmentalist to defend fracking.

John H. (Jack) Wiegman, Environmentalist

Missoula, MT

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