Fueling Small Business

While some might assume that the shale energy revolution is boosting only big energy companies, there is a body evidence that is demonstrating that the positive impact of shale energy is being felt at all levels of the economy.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that the “small and mid-size firms” are “providing the momentum for growth” in the energy sector.

This information comes from a report (Oil and Natural Gas Stimulate American Economic and Job Growth) by the American Petroleum Institute (API)  that “looks at the oil and gas supply chain in all 50 states” and found that energy companies of all sizes are “creating job growth up and down the supply chain.”

According to the API report, Texas is at the top of the list in terms “the total number of jobs directly or indirectly attributable to the oil and natural gas industry” as 1.9 million jobs were “directly or indirectly supported by oil and natural gas industry operations” during the period examined by researchers (2011).

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