Giving Thanks for Shale Energy

While there is much to be thankful for as Americans and Texans, we are particularly thankful for the American energy innovators who started right here in the Barnett Shale. These men and women developed, and continue to improve, the groundbreaking innovations such as the "combination of horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and information technology" that have "unlocked" America’s shale resources.

The emergence of these new energy sources have upended conventional wisdom about the future of American energy and enhanced our energy security. "The shale boom has added at least $300 billion annually to the U.S. economy over the past half-dozen years, along with nearly two million jobs. Without this addition to the GDP, America's economy would have stalled, or been in recession, for nearly every year since 2008." Also, these gains are strengthening our position in the world by reducing our dependence on hostile nations for our energy supply.

While these innovations have spread to other states, our leadership position has continued in shale gas as "the Lone Star State leads the nation in natural gas production, producing 29 percent of America's natural gas" last year. These figures are likely to hold steady as production is still going strong in the Barnett Shale and other shale formations in the state.

So thank you to the innovators and risk-takers that made this uniquely American success story possible. Also, thank you to those who work hard in the industry every day to protect our local environments and make sure everyone comes home safely.

On behalf of CLEAN Resources, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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