Why do we support the Barnett Shale?

Because the Barnett Shale supports our communities, Texas, and America. CLEAN Resources is a group of concerned Texans who represent the more than 100,000 jobs in the Barnett Shale. We got together because we're tired of a handful of people coming in to our cities and towns and distorting the facts about shale gas development, and we think it's about time somebody started telling the truth about all the good it does for our communities, our state, and our country. So here's the truth: Natural gas is clean burning - reduced greenhouse gases, less pollutants, and less emissions. That's just a fact. Natural gas from the Barnett shale has a huge impact on the economy of our region and our state. We're talking jobs, small businesses, banks, taxes, wages, all of that. The anti-Barnett crowd either doesn't see that or doesn't care, but this is our life and the good of our families we're talking about. The Barnett Shale makes us more secure because the more natural gas we get from there, the less oil we've got to import. Drilling in the Barnett Shale is safe and protects the environment. It's funny that you got these people running around talking about air and water pollution, when the truth is, there's not a shred of evidence to support any of that. Our mission is simple: We want to tell the other side of the story, and we're going to do that, and we're going to do it every day. So keep coming back, and we'll keep giving you the facts that nobody else is talking about.

Telling Stories

Activists gathered in New York City this past weekend for the "People's Climate March" that brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets of Manhattan in order to tell "the story of today's climate movement." 
These activists were encouraged by leading scientific thinkers and climate experts, such as Mark Ruffalo (the Incredible Hulk), Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting (the singer not the professional wrestler) and other celebrities who jetted to New York in order to urge on the marchers.
While the organizers of the event should be commended for their large and enthusiastic turnout, it seems that many of the attendees have some critical misunderstandings about the landscape of American energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

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'Proper goal of U.S. energy policy'

The Boston-Herald ran an excellent op-ed ("Energy boom can fuel big boost in world security") by U.S. Naval War College Professor of National Security Affairs Mackubin Owens that provides interesting insight on the true benefit of the shale energy boom taking place in the United States. 

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