'Proper goal of U.S. energy policy'

The Boston-Herald ran an excellent op-ed ("Energy boom can fuel big boost in world security") by U.S. Naval War College Professor of National Security Affairs Mackubin Owens that provides interesting insight on the true benefit of the shale energy boom taking place in the United States. 

Owens writes that the true benefit of the shale revolution is not necessarily "energy independence" as some might think, as this is an unrealistic in today's interconnected world. 

Rather, the true benefit is "energy security". According to Owens, this is the "proper goal of U.S. energy policy" as it "recognizes the importance of a global energy market that reduces uncertainty and provides sufficient flexibility to mitigate inevitable global energy shocks. The enemies of energy security include inconsistent government policies, frequent changes in taxes and incentives for exploration, and repeated changes in environmental policies that curtail exploration, production, and transportation."

The shale revolution is strengthening America's position in a dangerous world which allows our nation to share the benefits of this strength and security with our allies. 


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