Activists Hype Flawed Shale Study (Again)

You may have heard about a "study" that was released this week by an activist organization claiming that shale energy production has resulted in high air pollution levels around playgrounds in North Texas.

It turns out that this study is far from scientific and the group behind it has a long history of churning out questionable information to support their anti-energy activism.

As Energy in Depth - Texas explained in a blog post (ShaleTest Claims on Benzene and Fracking Still ‘Not Scientifically Appropriate'), the study was conducted by "ShaleTest – which is 'proudly affiliated' with the anti-fracking group Earthworks" and "is headed up by Calvin Tillman, a former mayor of DISH, Tex., and one of the big stars of Josh Fox’s Gasland films. On several occasions, ShaleTest has teamed up with other well-known anti-fracking activists to produce 'studies' just like the one released this week – and each one has been criticized for its lack of scientific integrity."

Energy in Depth provides a sample of the many bogus "studies" conducted and promoted by these same activists. According to Energy in Depth, "ShaleTest’s tactics are deliberately unscientific and purposefully dishonest. There’s simply no excuse for an organization to be publicly and repeatedly reprimanded for its scientifically inappropriate testing, and then continue to use those same methods. Why would ShaleTest have to resort to such blatantly flawed techniques? Because the available data – in states across the country – simply do not support their conclusions."


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