'Will America Take Advantage?'

Karen Alderman Harbert challenges America to "take advantage of (our) natural gas opportunity" in a Washington Examiner article.  

The article explains that "America's economic recovery is being fueled by energy. Increased natural gas production is at the center of our energy revolution, creating new opportunities at home and abroad."

Harbart notes that the advantages of the shale revolution are hard to overstate. "The results of this shale boom on our economy are staggering, and there is the potential for much, much more. According to a study by the respected global information firm IHS, shale energy production is already supporting 2.1 million jobs and has increased the real disposable income of every American household by $1,200. By 2035, 3.5 million Americans will owe their jobs to shale energy production."

The impact on governments is equally impressive. "Between now and 2035, IHS found that shale energy development will contribute more than $2.5 trillion in tax revenue, more than half of which will go to states and localities."

Interestingly, the article explains that "the benefits from shale aren’t just felt in states that directly produce oil and natural gas. Non-producing states benefit because many of their businesses are part of the supply chain that provides goods and services that support unconventional energy development. Currently, these supply chain activities support about 475,000 workers in 32 non-producing states. Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and New York each have more than 35,000 workers."

The full article is available at http://washingtonexaminer.com/will-america-take-advantage-of-its-natural-gas-opportunity/article/2553632#null

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